Gordon Independent School District

History of Schools in Gordon

First School Building in Gordon - Construction on the first Gordon School building was complete by 1882 on what is now known as North Main Street. Miss Mollie Shelton was the school's first teacher. The town quickly outgrew this building and a new two-story structure was constructed in the late 1890s. This original school building still stands today and is used as a private residence.

The Second Gordon School Building (ca 1915) - A June 26, 1897 issue of "The Ferris Wheel" newspaper reported that the construction of a school building was underway in Gordon. This new structure would replace the original school house and offer a great deal more room for learning. It was constructed in 1897 and used until 1924 when it was replaced by a two story brick structure. It was located where the current high school building sits. Some documentation suggests that the building was never painted on the inside and offered the bare minimum of amenities. Many photos of this structure exist today, however this is the only one I have seen that includes the entire student body. (Original Photo Source Ola McFaddin, partial colorization added after)

The third Gordon School building, was a fine two-story brick structure. It was dedicated in 1924 and was used until 1980. In the meantime, a new high school complex was constructed in 1967 folowed by an elementary school wing in 1980. Subsequent additions to the high school were added in 1992. The "third" building was torn down in 2000 to make room for a new gymnasium.